Employee Profile Series: Josh Roberts

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Meet Josh Roberts, NEXT/NOW’s newest Senior Producer. With an impressive 16+ year portfolio and a brilliant industry knowledge-base, Josh has already aided in the success of several major projects since joining in February. His deep understanding of experiential has quickly made him an integral part of our team. Check out our interview with Josh below.

Tell us a little about your experience prior to NEXT/NOW:

I come primarily from the experiential marketing world. Be it large-scale events, national tours, trade shows or permanent installations, I’ve been an integral part of the process from both the account and the production side. I cut my teeth at Momentum Worldwide where I managed national programs for brands like Coca-Cola and Kraft. Post Momentum, I spent time at numerous other agencies such as Mosaic, All-Terrain and Across the Nation before landing at Matrex for the last 5+ years prior to NEXT/NOW.

Josh’s Most Notable Accomplishments:

  • Launched Coca-Cola CAMPUS Program (Coca-Cola, 2008 – 2009)
  • Bonnaroo 2010 (Wheat Thins)
  • Bonnaroo 2011 (Wheat Thins – Ex Awards Gold Medal)
  • College Football Tailgate Tour 2011 (Wheat Thins Stix)
  • Triscuit Home Farming Event 2011 – NYC (Triscuit)
  • Back to Nature Event – Copley Square, Boston (Back to Nature, 2011)
  • Viega Interactive Learning Center – Nashua, NH (Viega, Launched 2017)
  • Viega Interactive Learning Center 2.0 – Broomfield, CO (Viega, Launched 2019)
  • FPT Con Expo 2020 Booth – Las Vegas, NV

Tell us about one of your favorite projects you have been a part of:

Both Bonnaroo activations (2010 and 2011) were equally the most satisfying projects I’ve worked on in my professional career. My love for live music came full circle in the middle of 80,000 people where we showcased myriad flavors of Wheat Thins products in our custom-built, air-conditioned structure, contracted bands for special, pop-up performances both throughout the campground and inside our structure and added interactive elements allowing attendees to both have a memorable, on-site experience as well as a custom takeaway souvenir. Everything then culminated on a daily basis with me getting to take full advantage of our VIP credentials at a number of truly remarkable shows, with Stevie Wonder taking the cake for me personally.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Going to concerts/listening to music, playing and watching sports (shout out to Duke basketball and Cincinnati professional sports), any form of travel (dying to get somewhere international this year since I couldn’t last year), the craft beer and bourbon scene. A more recent interest for me has been going on long walks wherever I might be at the time and really exploring new areas that way. About a month ago, I walked the entirety of Forest Park in the Central West End of St. Louis over one particular Saturday morning. It’s a really impressive piece of land with numerous landmarks and destinations spread throughout. A must do if you’re in the area.

What are you most looking forward to here at NEXT/NOW?

I joined NEXT/NOW with a number of things in mind:

  • Events were temporarily dead but would eventually make a comeback and NEXT/NOW would be a big part of that
  • Technology is at the forefront of everything these days and NEXT/NOW is centered in it
  • I had only dabbled in the true inner workings of interactive and cutting edge technology and I wanted to really start to immerse myself in that as it’s truly the wave of the future
  • Sports and music are two of my biggest passions outside of work and NEXT/NOW has a tremendous portfolio to align with that

Now that I’ve been at NEXT/NOW for a few months, I can tell that I made the right decision in coming here as all my initial thoughts were all proven true and I’m now involved in a truly collaborative environment where we’re continuously pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for our clients and their customers and we’re having a little fun while doing so too.

NEXT/NOW has seen immense growth over the past year. With 12 new hires in the last few months and more on their way, we wanted to create the Employee Profile Series as a way to highlight each new individual and showcase the strengths they bring to our team. For more information on open positions please visit our careers page (https://nextnowagency.com/careers/), connect with us via LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/next-now/), or send us an email at workhere@nextnowagency.com.

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